The Best Route To Climb in Mount Kilimanjaro.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a remarkable experience, and there are several routes to choose from, each with its own unique characteristics. The best route for you will depend on factors such as your fitness level, previous hiking experience, time available, and personal preferences. However, I can provide you with an overview of some popular routes that are considered among the best for climbing Kilimanjaro:

Kilimanjaro has several popular routes for climbing, each offering unique experiences and challenges. The “best” route depends on your preferences, fitness level, and the amount of time you have for the climb. Here are some of the most well-known routes:

1.Machame Route (Whiskey Route):

This is one of the most scenic routes and is known for its beautiful views. It offers a good balance of difficulty and acclimatization. It’s a popular choice for many climbers.

  • Highly recommended, best success rate.
  • Allows “walk high, sleep low” for better acclimatization.
  • Stunning scenery climbing through five diverse climatic zones.
  • Ascent and descent is via different routes.
  • Fully catered camping.

2.Marangu Route (Coca-Cola Route):

Often considered the easiest route, it has huts along the way for accommodation, making it more comfortable. However, due to its shorter duration, it may have lower acclimatization time.

  • Shortest route to the summit which means less time to acclimatize.
  • Much lower success rate.
  • Dormitory style accommodation which can be noisy.
  • Less scenic due to ascent and descent on same route.

3.Lemosho Route:

Known for its beautiful and varied scenery, the Lemosho Route is a bit longer and allows for better acclimatization, increasing your chances of reaching the summit successfully.

  • An excellent route to climb Kilimanjaro by with a high success rate.
  • Allows climbers to “walk high, sleep low” enabling better acclimatization.
  • Remote and spectacular approach with dramatic gorges and views of west Kilimanjaro.
  • Shira route offers higher start point therefore is less good for acclimatization.
  • Fully catered camping.

4.Rongai Route:

This route approaches Kilimanjaro from the northern side and is less crowded. It’s known for its wildlife and scenic views.

  • Only northern approach route to Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit.
  • Offers a true wilderness experience on the early stages of the climb.
  • Very tough final summit night.
  • Less natural acclimatization with no opportunities to “walk high, sleep low”.
  • Fully catered camping.

5.Northern Circuit Route:

The longest route, it offers excellent acclimatization as it circles around the mountain. It’s a less frequented route, providing a more peaceful experience.

  • Extra day for acclimatisation
  • High summit success rate (over 95%)

6.Umbwe Route:

This is the most challenging and steepest route, recommended only for experienced climbers with excellent fitness levels.

  • Steep, short route with very low success rate.
  • Poor acclimatization due to rapid ascent.
  • Very remote and quiet for the first two days.
  • Fully catered camping.

Highest success rate and overall best route to climb Kilimanjaro

If you want the highest chance of summiting the best route to climb Kilimanjaro is the Lemosho route and Machame route over 7 or 8 days – excellent acclimatization and an easier summit night make these winners by a long way. And as reaching the top is the most important thing for most of our climbers we make this our overall winners as best route to climb Kilimanjaro.

Most scenic route to climb Kilimanjaro

The Lemosho route approaching from the West wins hands down for the best views with spectacular vistas in all directions.

Quietest route to climb Kilimanjaro

If keeping away from the crowds is your top priority the Rongai route has to be your choice as the best route for your Kilimanjaro climb. But be warned the success rate is lower.

It’s essential to consider the number of days you have for the climb, as a longer route generally allows for better acclimatization and increases your chances of a successful summit. Also, keep in mind that Kilimanjaro is a high-altitude mountain, and proper acclimatization is crucial to minimize the risk of altitude sickness.

Before attempting any route, ensure you are well-prepared physically and mentally, and consider going with an experienced guide or a reputable trekking company for a safer and more enjoyable experience. Always prioritize safety and choose the route that aligns best with your abilities and preferences. For the most up-to-date information, I recommend checking with recent sources or contacting local tour operators specializing in Kilimanjaro climbs.

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