Hiking For Fitness

Are you tired of a protruding tummy or a weighted body?
Worry no more, research has shown that hiking plays a key role in your body fitness. Here are some of the ways in which hiking enhances your fitness:

1. It promote healthy blood pressure and sugar levels.
Walking in uneven terrain makes your body active. Exercise keeps your heart healthy by facilitating your arteries, veins and capillaries for proper blood circulation. Your kidneys will also be healthy as a result. Trust me, you will kiss hypertension and diabetes a goodbye or no see at all.

2. Significant weight control
With the slow walking up and down a hill you are likely to loose around 540 calories per hour. You will spend a lot energy ,which then encourages faster metabolism. The protein which you have stored in your belly per say , will be metabolized to provide more energy to your body.
Get hiking to own that body which you have always dreamt about.

3. It improves your endurance
Climbing the mountain is equally the same as taking stairs up a building. It strengthens the muscles around your knees and thighs. This goes hand in hand in building your stamina You will be able to remain strong all around the clock. Imagine queuing for long in the bank or supermarket lines without getting tired simply because you’re fit!! Isn’t that fantastic? Another scenario is this one.. the tout dropping you past your desired destination and then you will have to walk back without having your legs grumble. I bet this gonna be a good feeling.

4. It strengthens your core
Hiking is a weight bearing experience. This is especially if you are carrying a backpack. Your bone density is enhanced as well as your inner body muscles.
Your tummy muscles are contracted from the inside flattening your tummy as well as you getting your abs. What a pride!! The nowadays goal of every gentleman is to have them. The ultimate prize of most ladies is to have their ‘potential husbands’ have them. Believe me ,this dream will only be realized if you grab that backpack and book your ticket with us in the near future. Cheers!!

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