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The Kilimanjaro Marangu day hike brings your all the way up to the first camp of Mt. Kilimanjaro at 2720m, called Mandara Hut. The day hike starts at the Marangu gate at 1879m from where we’ll start a 8km hike to Mandara hut (16 km total). The hike will take about 7 hours.



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The day starts with a very early morning departure from Moshi town on Arusha, to avoid the morning traffic and arrive early at the Marangu Gate. On our way, you’ll pass through the  village of Marangu, a small, green town at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro. Full of coffee- and banana plantations. After registration at the gate, the hike will start! It can be quite exhausting as it’s a long hike. Make sure to bring good hiking shoes, some warm clothing for the cold mornings and a raincoat as we’ll pass through the rainforest. A drybag with some dry socks could also prove itself useful, but it’s not necessary. We’ll follow a narrow, ridged trail, which passes through Kilimanjaro’s moss-overgrown rainforest. Through the mist, strange animal noises can be heard all over. If you’re lucky, you might be able to spot a few monkeys, hiding in the lush forest. Once we’ve arrived at Mandara hut, we have some time to rest and enjoy our lunch with a view. Once we have some renewed energy we can take a short detour to the Maundi Crater, offering stunning views on Mawenzi peak and Kibo peak. On clear days, you also have a chance to glance into the neighboring country of Kenya. After having taken our time to enjoy the surroundings, it’s time to head back to the Marangu Gate, from where we’ll be transported back to Arusha.

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